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Frequently Asked Questions
Below we try to collect Photo Album Software and ALBM.com Online Album Hosting questions.
If you can't find answer on your question, please contact us.
  • Is your Photo Album App free?
    We have a free version of the Photo Album app. It's fully functional. With the help of it, you will be able to create a photo album, upload it to the albm.com online photo hosting and share with friends.
    Download Photo Album here.
  • Which version of Mac OS does your Photo Album app support?
    We support Mac OS 10.6 and higher.
  • What is the difference between free and commercial version?
    In the В commercial version В there're some features that might ineterst you:
    • PDF import
      It allows you to import PDF and convert it in amazing Photo Album, upload it to the albm.com online hosting
    • Home Printing option
      Use your home printer to print out your Album and create a stunning photolibrary or make a memorable gift.
  • ALBM.com - online photo album hosting Premium Packages
    Basic plan - 19,99$ inculde:
    300 album pages on the ALBM.com online hosting
    One premium theme

    Professional - 39,99$ inculde:
    1000 album pages on the ALBM.com online hosting
    Two premium themes

    Unlimited - 59,99$ inculde:
    Unlimited album pages on the ALBM.com online hosting
    Four premium themes
  • I have created the theme but can not upload it to albm.com
    If you can't upload the theme to the albm.com, check:
    -If you use Free or Premium theme?
    You need to order Premium theme before uploading to the albm.com online photo album hosting

    -Check your internet connection

    -Try to open your personal page at the albm.com

    If the problem still exist, please contact us